Future Strategies

  • Providing overall support system to cane & bamboo sector so as to build up sustainable enterprise and project India as one of the strongest and quality suppliers in the world.
  • Improvement in the competitiveness by upgrading the technology of production under the technology  to targeted cane & bamboo manufacturers.
  • Technology support  facilities  for development at  cane & bamboo clusters/hubs
  • Creation of sustainable supply chain management and project India as one of the lead suppliers of eco friendly and greener crafts.
  • Preparation of new and budding entrepreneurs to execute bulk orders by providing  support system and with closures.
  • Capacity development with customized approach.
  • Consultancy to manufacturing  units for motivation, training and export credit financing.
  • Access in the international markets through well defined strategies
  • Integrated and inclusive development and promotion of Indian cane & bamboo sector.