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Bamboo Technology Centre (BTC)

A state of the art Bamboo Technology Centre (BTC) provide the necessary technical information and practical training to the persons engaged in the Bamboo Sector. The aim of the center is to offer professional training on the latest International and national Bamboo Processing machinery. It offers various courses ranging from basic instructions on traditional Processing machines to the training on the operation features and productive potential of the latest numerical control working centers. The Bamboo processing machineries are being imported from abroad and also procured from India.


  1. To disseminate best education to all the concerned in the field of Bamboo Processing, so as to excel in their personality and performance by incorporating the latest national and International Technology.
  2. Provide direct links between the Bamboo Processing, manufacturing industry, R & D Institutes and the Government.
  3. Enhance technical levels and competitiveness of Indian Bamboo-product manufacturing industry.
  4. Develop customized training programs.
  5. Promote and catalyze industry supported applied research.

The BTC derive its strength from talented, motivated and dedicated human resource, product development and the latest cane and bamboo processing machines and other woodworking machines compatible with bamboo and its composites